Bay shrimp, scallions, broccoli, tomato, melted swiss cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce. (complimentary substitution of avocado instead of holland...
Roasted green chile and melted cheddar/jack cheese smothered in our special green chile & shredded beef sauce and topped with sour cream. 11
Fresh spinach, chopped bacon, fresh mushrooms, scallions, melted swiss and parmesan cheese. 11
Fresh house-made chorizo, onions, tomatoes, melted cheddar/jack cheese, topped with fresh pico de gallo and sour cream. 12 • ADD AVOCADO 2</st...
Corned beef hash and melted cheddar/jack cheese stuffed in an omelet, plus more cheese on top. 11
Inspired from our long time friend Dr. Ken. 4 egg whites, diced tomato, spinach and melted feta cheese. 10.5
Lean diced ham, onions, peppers, & melted cheddar/jack cheese. 10.75
Seasoned spinach, onions, peppers, fresh mushrooms, tomato & melted cheddar/jack cheese. 10.75 • ADD BROCCOLI .75
Tender gyro meat, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese and oregano. Served with tzatziki sauce. 12
Marinated chicken breast, diced bacon, tomatoes, avocado, melted swiss cheese. Served with sour cream. 12
Chopped bacon, sausages, ham and melted cheddar/jack cheese for that perfect morning start. 11.5