Grilled lean ham, oven roasted turkey breast and melted Swiss cheese on French toast and sprinkled with powdered sugar. 11
Thinly sliced hot corned beef with sauerkraut and double Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread. Served with Thousand Island. 11
Shaved ribeye topped with melted swiss cheese on a French Roll. Served with au jus for dipping. 11
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on your choice of toasted bread. 8.5 ADD AVOCADO 2
Shaved ribeye and turkey breast, Swiss and American cheese with grilled onions on grilled sourdough bread. 11
Tender oven roasted turkey breast, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted sourdough bread. 11
Crispy, fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado and ranch on a toasted brioche bun. 11
A generous portion of our house made albacore tuna salad, lettuce and tomato on your choice of toasted bread. 9.5
Shaved ribeye served on a grilled sub roll with sauteed onions, green peppers, fresh cut mushrooms and melted swiss cheese. 12
Grilled toast with your choice of cheese (American, Swiss or Cheddar). 8.5 • ADD GRILLED HAM, TOMATOES, OR BACON 2
Albacore tuna salad served on grilled rye bread with double melted American cheese. 10.5
Triple decker of oven-roasted tender all white turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on your choice of toasted bread 11.5